The Ten Commandments of the Dental World

1. The Fluoride Ion ( F-) in the beginning, was created by God, who in His Wisdom, could see that the enamel of teeth would be weakened by the diet of future Generations-- In particular Fermentable Carbohydrates

2. As Human Nature is a very fallible thing--He decided to make certain that there would be a number of His human descendants available in the Scientific Field-- for research into the efficacy of the F- to reduce Dental Decay in the teeth of all peoples--especially the younger group.

3. Our Dear and Venerable friend was to find out in the early 1900's that a number of areas of The United States were to be seen to have a brown mottling of their teeth. He was to wonder why! Research was done in a tooth mottled area in Colorado Springs, By a Dr. Black. This type of Dental problem was for the duration of the sufferers lives.

4. After a number of years a conclusion was arrived at. This was an apparent "Double Dual" on behalf of Dental Decay of human teeth and the discoloration of the teeth. The more of an increase in Fluorosis (Discolouring)--the lesser the number of Decayed teeth. Later research was to find that the concentration of the F- was to be the cause of a blessing and a curse. Then came the hypothesis--of an Optimum. Admittedly, sometime later.

5. Optimum, a word of great import in the "Fluoridation Debate", And Our Friend in the Sky had a few words to say about. Here are some types of definitions and the number will go on---most favourable, most advantageous, most appropriate, ideal, perfect, prime, optimal, model; finest, superlative, peak, top, supreme, excellent, flawless, first-class.

6. After a long number of years on the talks, lectures and debates on the Subject of Optimum----in the Fluorosis and Dental Decay to this day has to be resolved. My Friend in the Sky was tending to linger a tiny bit on the processes being used. But over all there was a number of progressions on the way.

7. Let ME have a word on "Optimum" in the Dental area where things seem to have taken a move to appease a number of people. It must be appreciated that the word "Optimum" has been defined in a number of ways and it can be altered according to climate, weather and other variables. And of course geographical areas.

8. The word "Optimum" will not go away until one thing has been made clear---'It is a Variable" As an aside ---we have a situation where, in a VERY extreme case, where the Decay Rate is very high and the Fluorosis is very low. As the F- (Fluoride Ion) concentration in water supplies, has not come to the discussed yet, let it be said the Concentration of the F- can be at an Optimum-- for both Fluorosis and Dental Decay. Of course our Engineers in the Water---Temperature---Climate etc. Are Experts in their fields and we could say are not prone to making mistakes--as some of My Exclusive experts have been told to believe otherwise.

9. Ignorance and intolerance seem to have a pride of place in the many discussions that have taken place in this never ending bustle of Mankind.

10. In the never ending endeavour of forwarding our knowledge to the people of Our World, let us all get down to the process of that Word that means so much and has so many meanings --- all amounting to the same thing OPTIMUM and VARIANCE. Can I hear a similar word OPTIMISM? OF COURSE THIS LAST COMMANDMENT, IS FOR LUCK.

Fluoridation and the future.

But first a look at the history of the past and the total disregard of a
vocal group who have little idea of Dental Health especially of our children.

Fluoridation and the future.

But first a look at the history of the past and the total disregard of a
vocal group who have little idea of Dental Health especially of our children.

And this is the top of the page.

In 1964, I started a Dental practice in an industrial suburb of Melbourne, it was slow for about 4 months, and then I had to employ another operator. It did not take long --in the first couple of months I found that Dental Health was very sadly lacking. The rate of DMFT--Decayed Missing Filled Teeth--of the Dental condition was extremely high. To explain the extraction situation. On Friday afternoons for four hours, the practice did a general anaesthetic session. Usually there were 6-8 children--for ten minute anaesthetics. I should imagine the average number of extractions was 6 of the deciduous (baby) molars. What those poor mites had been through made me shudder. In some cases there were abscesses nearly from ear to ear. The ages that were involved were from 4yrs. to 10-11yrs. In the latter age of this group, it was not unusual for the first permanent molars i.e. 6 year olds to be removed.


By the way the 9 antifluoride councils of Queensland can hang their heads in SHAME go to the top of this page.

I am not going to spend much time on this, only the laughable.

1. It is a Communist plot

2. It is a Fascist plot

3. Parents rights to destroy their children's Dental Health through caries of their teeth !! tell a dental operator---denial of course.

4. The Fluoride Ion no matter where it comes from, it is the Fluoride Ion and always will be.

5. People, especially children can readily overdose on drugs especially the ones kept in draws by parents where children can access them !!

6. That is right it is not democratic it is a Fascist--Communist Plot.

7. To say that F- does not reduce dental decay, is what it is, just a blatant lie.

8. If fluorosis is on the cards--which it is not. maybe extremely mild in an extremely, extremely small no. of cases

9. Of course Fermentable carbohydrates cause decay. And of course The F- stops decay !!

10. Of course it is only a furphy to compare F- with any other "chemicals" "drugs". More research--trials have been done on the F- than all the other "chemicals" "drugs" etc put together.

11. To end of this tale of trivia, can any antifluoridationist put an extra pair of forceps in my hands so I can extract more teeth. See the top of this page, it was heart breaking.

12. Of course the classic ending is, hard to believe this one, money, parents can not pay the high fees of a dentist to have their teeth filled early enough.Would fewer cavities have been there if F- had been in the water supply, of course and a lot fewer, and the tooth, will most probably be extracted when the "tiny" cavity becomes a "huge" one--- could be an oxymoron this one.

Yes, it certainly does !!!

It is possible to avoid edentulous Mouths at such an early age

--So let us do it.

The middle image here, shows the one that can be and is attainable in a 5 year old's dentition. The other two are far too common in a situation where no F- is available,and the Operative Word is Pain !!

Whether it be by Local, Topical or in the Local Water Supply.The F- Freddie is the answer.

Let us all remember that all young children can not be completely responsible for their Dental and Oral Health. This , which is always the case, means that any means of Prevention of Dental Disease at this young age, is very desireable. Remembering that our Fluoride Ion (F-) is not only desireable but neccessary for Bone developement, up to the age of Eight yrs.

b The Word to Remember is Optimum.

Copy and Paste the following, to your favourite Browser, to find out about the types of misinformation that has been and is being spread by the most selfish of peoples, concerning children and adults of all ages.

1. The point at which the condition, degree, or amount of something is the most favorable.
2. Biology The most favorable condition for growth and reproduction.

1. the most favorable point, degree, or amount of something for obtaining a given result.
2. the most favorable conditions for the growth of an organism.
3. the best result obtainable under specific conditions.

Noun 1. optimum - most favorable conditions or greatest degree or amount possible under given circumstances
goodness, good - that which is pleasing or valuable or useful; "weigh the good against the bad"; "among the highest goods of all are happiness and self-realization"
Adj. 1. optimum - most desirable possible under a restriction expressed or implied; "an optimum return on capital"; "optimal concentration of a drug"
best - (superlative of `good') having the most positive qualities; "the best film of the year"; "the best solution"; "the best time for planting"; "wore his best suit"

1. Ideal, best, highest, finest, choicest, perfect, supreme, peak, outstanding, first-class, foremost, first-rate, flawless, superlative, pre-eminent, most excellent, A1 or A-one (informal), most favourable or advantageous how to make the optimum use of resources
lowest, least, poorest, worst, minimal, inferior.

The Difference in Orthodontic Problems. Space!!

There is no doubt whatsoever about the complexity and Beauty of a Smile. For these lovely three, the problem is all but over. In some of the most dramatic cases there can be a long wait between the Appliances bands and the final result.

At this stage it would be wise to know whether there is a concensus on the Status of Orthodontics.

It has been discussed at somelength, the Regime of Orthodontia and the relation of the Dental Regime to the basis to Dentistry, to Orthodontia, the specialists who had a training in Dentistry and qualified as Practioners of Dentistry.

A basic look at Orthodontia shows that in a very large number of cases --- Orthodontists do not rely on Dental Skills but on the Development and Growth factors that rely many times fold on the Bony and Orthopaedic structures of the Head Neck and Face, and of course the Dentition--this has to be considered in a great depth, to find the relation of the areas mentioned as to their interactions with each other. In a nutshell, does an Orthodontist as "Dentist" !!!! Enquire himself to extract teeth and carry out prosthetic and Conservative Treatment --- I Think Not !!

Space for the teeth within the available amount of bone is a necessity, and also a condition of the philosophy of the Orthodontist. Of course in a number of cases the amount of bone is a problem which is due to too much bone --- See the overshot jaw "Fellow"--But from a median point of view there is an over whelming number of cases that need to be solved from the lack of bone in which to reposition the teeth, which in most cases have not been erupted for long, and in some cases treatment is carried out before eruption. I believe that at the moment there is a discussion going on--to get bone space for the treatment of the ones who need it.

After a complete analysis of the patient -- Radiographical-- Physiological--and of course the more modern scanning of bone and soft tissues. Ah Ah a decision. there is mainly two ways of regaining lost space. Extractions--especially of the premolars ( Where in some cases they can be missing , hence accurate X-rays)And these days there are many ways of expanding the upper arch (Upper Jaw) Try this "We only use expansion means in our Clinic" Hum Hum--many times there have been, one to four Wisdom Teeth teeth extracted--out of a total of four-- for space (Ask any Dentist what Percoronitist is and the cause) Correct, the periocoronitist, was caused by not enough space.

Of course there will most probably be no (So called Cessation) as to the meaning of "Space in Orthodontics" Only to say that there are a number of "Antis"who believe extractions should never happen (Let us all have a laugh NOW at the wisdom teeth story (Periocoronitis) where lack of space is the direct cause of a very painful condition)---I insist to dwell on the loss of space, and the way with which the solution is tackled.

After this little dissertation--on a large part of the Orthodontic Problem------Space. To summerise--We must remember that space, in the Bony parts of the Maxillary and Mandibular is and has and always will be, a problem for the Orthodontist---and to summerise, for the gain of space--we can

Extract Teeth

Expand the Jaws---If the patient is young enough through the suture lines. If older expansion through the bony aspects of resorption and deposition. In this case--osteoblasts (deposition)--osteocytes (resorption)--must be monitored and carefully managed.

To sum up the Orthodontic Problems afore mentioned.

To maintain space for the permanent dention, and therefore stopping the need for Orthodontic Treatment, the Deciduous teeth have be maintained in their majority. This can be done by the very simple, and very efficient method of Fluoridation F- . Topical F- application by a Dentist--Local F- in the form toothpastes, and mouthwashes.

Fluoride F- distributed through the water supplies, has been to shown to be the most efficacious.

And This what Dentistry, and in particular Orthodontics, is All About.

Let us in the end see what our young girl Eryn has a choice about--Surgery or Orthodontics.

The decision is our 22yr. olds Eryn's

Elsewhere in this Website there is another type of theses two comparative views of anterior teeth. The other page is in more detail. A disadvantage can be seen rather obviously--the photos were taken by different cameras. But the very minor Orthodontic problem can be seen.

Upper Photo, a very nice young lady aged 21yrs.-and bought up in a F- area. Not one restoration.

Lower Photo. a young lad aged 18yrs. One restoration--and bought up in a F- area.

Excuse the images --very bad-- used two different cameras.