Dental & Oral Neglect

A very basic look Dental and Oral Neglect.


The choice is yours---by the way whose else could it be.

badteeth2The "Jury"seems to have come back on the Deliberations it has had to do in it's time of decision, as to whether "Freddie Fang" our Fluoride Ion-- (F-) will, as has long been thought in the Dental field, will relieve a number of Dental conditions, these include , restorations of teeth-extraction of teeth(which in many cases leads to crooked teeth) and gum diseases-caused by the early removal of deciduous (Baby) teeth. Of course, pain is a great motivating cause for a lot of children. And the old story of Dental pain "Oh, the pain in your face is only toothache", is a real misuse of the English language, and certainly not in one way sympathetic, for the sufferer for which there can be a very violent reaction.

Historically there has been a number of standards as far as the "Oral Health" Regime has been concerned.

  1. Before the coming of the Toothpaste and the Toothbrush there was no sense of Dental awareness.
  2. The teeth in many societies were looked on as a burden and had to be removed so as to be rid of the number of Dental problems, that accrue as age progresses.
  3. Such as the large amount of Dental Plaque that develops.
  4. The shocking bleeding of the "Gums", I think that these should be called Gingival Tissues.
  5. Very bad breath callled halitosis.and the detritis of food in the mouth for a numberof hours and even days.
  6. Broken teeth due to the Dental Decay undermining the crown of the teeth.
  7. And in many cases causing ulceration of the mouth tissues due to irritation.
  8. And of course the PAIN of the whole shocking Dental Calamity.

And, dare we say, the whole appearance of the person who is suffering Oral, Dental--and we should imagine, the whole physical appearance of the afflicted person suffering from their own personal neglect.